Stefan Warmuth Stefan Warmuth is the bandleader and the man who dreams up the SDO Shows.

After studying music at the University of the Arts in Berlin and further studies in the US Stefan began to make a name for himself as a theatre composer and musical director here in Berlin. World famous director Andre Heller brought him in as MD for the re opening of the Wintergarten Varieté Theatre in Berlin in 1992 where he stayed as MD until 1999.

Stefan met Robin Merrill at the Wintergarten and together they created the SDO in 1994. Nowadays when he's not touring with the Orchestra Stefan is writing film and TV music, or working as a director or producer of theatre shows or special Gala shows. For instance in 2007 Stefan put together and directed a special Varieté show in Abu Dhabi at the magnificent Emirates palace Hotel as part of the celebrations surrounding the Fiftieth Anniversary of the European Union.